From Lubbock, Texas, to Mrs. USA Universe: Affordable Storage is Proud to Sponsor Shannon King

shannon king

Everyone deserves a role model: someone to look up to, admire, respect, and maybe even be inspired by. And that’s where Shannon King, Mrs. USA Universe LTD®, comes in. Shannon is a local Lubbock entrepreneur and founder of A King Sized Life blog and podcast. Affordable Storage is excited to sponsor Shannon in the Transcontinental™ Pageants Mrs. USA Universe LTD pageant.

A wife, mother, dog-lover, and entrepreneur, Shannon King represents the best of what it truly means to be an American, a Texan, and a Lubbockite. Affordable Storage is proud to work with Shannon in all her pageant endeavors, and we have full confidence she will go far. To learn more about Shannon, keep reading!

Shannon King has a Unique Background and Perspective

Over the course of her life, Shannon King has come far. In addition to being a wife and mother—a full-time job in and of itself, as anyone will tell you—Shannon also started her own business aimed at inspiring and empowering women. A King Sized Life podcast focuses on telling stories of powerful, impressive, and inspiring women, and Shannon ends each podcast with an important rallying cry for women everywhere.

In addition to starting her own podcast, blog, and women’s empowerment brand, Shannon is a commercial REALTOR® for Westmark Commercial in Lubbock and West Texas. It’s safe to say that Shannon King has reached her goal of women’s empowerment in her Mrs. USA Universe LTD journey. Shannon will truly represent the United States and Lubbock, Texas, in the best possible way.

Shannon has a Passion for Local Outreach and Community

Not only is Shannon King successful in business, but she has a passion for outreach and creating a community of empowered women. Shannon hosts a local women’s group in Lubbock to help bring women together to better themselves. But that’s not all.

Shannon is also passionate about charity, specifically putting an end to domestic abuse. In fact, when Shannon won the Mrs. Texas USA Universe Transcontinental pageant, she spoke about her main goal in winning the title: “I’m honored to represent Texas as Mrs. Texas USA Universe and plan to utilize this opportunity to take a stand against domestic abuse.” Specifically, Shannon’s platform is The Pledge Campaign Against Domestic Violence and Abuse. Truly, Shannon is an inspiration herself, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see her head to Mrs. USA Universe LTD pageant.

Affordable Storage is Proud of Shannon and All She’s Accomplished

Affordable Storage made the decision to sponsor Shannon King in her pageant endeavors for one very simple reason: we have faith in her and all that she’s already accomplished. Now that Shannon is headed to Mrs. USA Universe LTD, we know that she is capable of exactly what we thought—and so much more!

Shannon King will compete in the Transcontinental Pageants Mrs. USA Universe LTD pageant on November 26, 2021, in Seoul, South Korea. You can follow Shannon’s journey on her Instagram, @justshannonking.

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