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Affordable Storage Sponsors Frenship High School Tennis

frenship tennis 

Even though we here at Affordable Storage are obviously passionate about providing safe and secure storage options for our customers, that’s not all we care about. As a local business, we’re also extremely passionate about the community that’s helped us launch our business. The Lubbock area is our home, and we want to make it the best home out there.

That’s why we work hard to stay involved in the local community. From our community outreach, sponsoring events around town to our support of the Lubbock Batman, Affordable Storage makes it a point to stay involved in all the goings-on around town. And one way we’re proud to do that is by sponsoring local sports teams, such as the Frenship High School tennis team, who truly had one heck of a season.

The Frenship Tennis Team had an Impressive Fall Season

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the Fighting Tiger tennis team, allow us to fill you in on their impressive fall season. The team truly rose to the occasion multiple times and proved that hard work really pays off. Not only did the Frenship tennis team perform well in singles and doubles matches over the course of the season, but they grew as players and as a team, too.

This season the Frenship Tigers were 9-6 overall, 4-2 in District, and Bi-District Champions as well! The Tigers made it all the way to the Area round and fought long and hard, giving it their all. As the team tweeted out, they truly should be proud. “Tigers competed hard…but lose in Area round to a very impressive @SLCTennis team. Great Fall season comes to a close.  Back to work getting ready for Spring.” Making it all the way to Area is honestly an incredible feat, and we hope the Tigers are proud of all they’ve done.

Affordable Storage is Proud to have Sponsored These Student-Athletes

Over the years, Affordable Storage has really gotten to work with some incredible organizations in the Lubbock area, and we’re happy to have done so! But the Frenship High School tennis team is definitely one we’re especially proud of. The tennis team was able to demonstrate that they’re capable of anything, and we’re proud to have been just a small part of helping them out!


You might not associate a storage facility like Affordable Storage with a local high school tennis team, but what can we say? We want to help out as much as possible, and it’s no secret that tennis teams don’t get as much attention as football teams here in Texas, even though they deserve it. So we decided to step in and offer a hand by sponsoring them, and we’re so glad we did.


Affordable Storage might just be a storage unit facility to some people, but we consider ourselves a pillar of the community. And by sponsoring the Frenship tennis team we get to continue to see the best in Lubbock and help out some incredible student-athletes. We are impressed by their fall season and can’t wait to see what they accomplish come springtime! 


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