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Affordable Storage Employees Win Good Citizen Award

Good Citizens Award

When you imagine the day-to-day work life of an employee at Affordable Storage, you might not think it’s all that exciting. And while we love our employees and everything they do for us, we also understand that assumption. After all, working at Affordable Storage isn’t exactly akin to working for Batman—well, most days anyway.


However, the summer of 2021 saw two brave Affordable Storage employees have their days shift from completely normal to utterly hectic in a matter of seconds. And because of their actions on that day, we’re proud to say that those two employees went on to win Good Citizen awards from the Lubbock Police Department! If you haven’t heard the story of what happened, buckle up, because it’s a wild ride!

Two Employees Honored for Their Brave Actions

Leonard Pena and Jeremy Lowrance are the two Affordable Storage employees who won the Good Citizen award in September 2021. The two were honored at an awards ceremony on Friday, September 24, 2021, and when they were called up to receive their awards, the entire room applauded them.


Pena and Lowrance were honored because of their bravery and courage on what started out as just a normal day at Affordable Storage. But when things began to escalate, both employees leaped into action to help out a nearby police officer. If it weren’t for them, things could have turned out much differently.

Leonard Pena and Jeremy Lowrance Took Action When Action was Needed

On June 30, 2021, Leonard Pena and Jeremy Lowrance were going about their regular business at work, when they noticed a police officer who needed some assistance. “We were just sitting there, and we look in the [security] cameras and see an officer struggling,” Lowrance told KCBD of the incident. “I jump in the truck. Leo jumps in the truck. And we see the guy running, so I cut him off with my vehicle, and Leo decides to get out and help the officer get him down to the ground.”


Pena ended up tackling the criminal as Officer Barron ran behind them. Of the experience, Pena explained that it was an adrenaline rush, but he still knew what he had to do. “You know, I wanted to make sure if he’s going to assault a police officer, I wanted to make sure this guy’s off the street. Also, it’s our duty,” Pena said. When Pena and Lowrance saw that someone needed help, they stepped in, proving to be true Good Citizens.

Affordable Storage is Proud of Pena and Lowrance’s Heroic Efforts

With hardly any regard for themselves, Pena and Lowrance showed up for their community in a brave and inspiring way that day. And here at Affordable Storage, we couldn’t be prouder of their heroic efforts. Not only did Pena and Lowrance make us proud, though, but it’s clear that they have shown the world exactly what it means to be a citizen of the great city of Lubbock, Texas.



Looking out for one another and helping out when you can are what makes Lubbock the amazing community it is, and we’re just happy to be here!


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