Things to Avoid Storing in a Rented Unit

Storage units are a brilliant convenience. Whether you have an extra couch that will not fit anywhere in your house, an unused appliance, childhood keepsakes, or are hiding your kids’ Christmas gifts, a storage unit seems to fit the bill as the solution for many problems. Once you start packing items in it, it is easy to gain momentum and be tempted to throw just about anything in there. As tempting as this approach might be, and despite the versatility Affordable Storage offers in our units, perhaps reconsider. We’re here to remind you that while you can safely store a wide array of items, there are some things that you ought to avoid storing in a storage unit.


Food or Perishable Items

Avoid storing food in your storage unit. It might seem like that goes without saying, but we know it can certainly be enticing to buy food in bulk on your next trip to the warehouse store and leave some, even if just briefly, in your storage unit. It really would even be wise to avoid bringing any containers into your storage unit that once previously held food items unless they have been thoroughly washed. The primary reason for this is to avoid attracting any kind of animals and insects to your unit and those around it. Even just a few crumbs left in an old plastic container can be enough to invite some unwanted pests in. No thank you!


The other reason you want to avoid storing food items is that perishable items will spoil in a storage unit very quickly. Nobody wants a moldy environment anywhere, but especially not in a compact storage unit being used to keep your items safe and in top condition. The only exception to this would be canned food, or anything that has a seal that has not been broken.


Animals, Humans, or Anything Else That’s Alive

Furthermore, you should never store animals in your storage unit. We know this seems rather shocking to have to even list this here, but people do it. Even if you would intend to do it for a brief period, it’s highly preferable to find an alternate solution to leaving any sort of critter alone in a dark storage unit. You can’t live here, either, not even for a night or two. Neither should you store your plants in a storage unit. They need light and water to survive, and they are yet another item that attracts bugs.


Hazardous, Flammable, Combustible, or Toxic Materials

Never store any sort of hazardous chemicals in your storage unit. This includes anything corrosive, flammable, combustible, or explosive, including, but not limited to any sort of chemicals, acids, gasoline, oils, paint, paint thinners, aerosols, pesticides, or fireworks. Furthermore, you should not store fertilizers or even some everyday cleaning products that contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, and so on because it is possible for fumes to pose major problems. Not only could these bring health risks that you would be wise to avoid by storing them in close proximity with your other belongings, but they could also leak or spill, causing damage to the property instantly. Nobody wants that.


Weapons or Ammunition

Firearms and ammunition should not be stored in your storage unit. This includes flame throwers, hand grenades, bazookas, nuclear bombs, or anything that might make the ATF question whether you’re making an Avengers remake or are plotting a coup.


Wet Items

Anything even slightly damp in a storage unit will create a perfect environment for mildew and mold to thrive. This will also attract unwanted critters and creepy crawlers to your unit. We know you want to keep your prized possessions in prime condition while they are in your storage unit, which is why we highly advises you to double-check that all items are completely dry when you are packing your storge unit.


We know that it might be confusing and challenging trying to figure out what is a no-go when it comes to what you put in your storage unit. Never hesitate to reach out to us and ask if you’re at all unsure. We are constantly striving to make your storage experience as simple and seamless as possible. You can always reach out to us, and one of our managers would be thrilled to team up and help you make the best and most convenient decision for your personal storage needs.

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