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Appliances are expensive items, and knowing what to do with them during your next move is critical to preserving their longevity. Renting a storage unit is a perfect solution to keep your appliances safe and properly stored for as little or as long as you need. Keep these tips in mind before moving them into your rental.

Take InventoryYou’ll be happy you took the time to write down what exactly is going into your storage unit. It’s also a good idea to jot down the make, model and other important numbers on your appliances. Take photos of your appliances as well, this may help you if you need to call in a repair or service in the future.

Clean and Prepare Your AppliancesWhen your appliances are unplugged, defrosted and dried, wipe down all surface areas. For refrigerators and freezers, wash out those drawers and compartments. Make sure all of the water has been drained from your washing machine and dishwasher to prevent mold, and moisture build up over time, and clean any hoses. While your appliances are stored, make sure they are turned off.

Proper Storage Unit PackingStore all of your appliances upright and towards the back of your storage unit to maximize your space. Appliances should be packed in first. Not sure what size to get? We’ve made that easy with our space estimator tool. We recommend a climate-controlled unit for valuable and high-end household items like appliances that do best in temperature-protected conditions.Proper preparation and storage may seem time-consuming, but you’ll be glad to have these items in clean working order when it’s time to move them.

Ready to get started? Renting a storage unit from us is simple, and we make it easy on you with no-hassle month-to-month agreements. Our helpful customer service staff can guide you through choosing the right unit at the best location to match your storage needs. We are trustworthy, dependable and affordable, so you can’t go wrong with Affordable Storage!

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