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Affordable Storage

A Look at the Humble Beginnings of Affordable Storage

If you’ve ever worked with us here at Affordable Storage, you know that we take our job of protecting your belongings and bringing you the best customer service very seriously. There’s a reason why you turn to us to help you with your move, your small business, or to take care of your boat or RV during the winter. It’s easy to get distracted by all the services we offer, but at our core, Affordable Storage is a local business with some pretty unpretentious roots.


When you look at the humble beginnings of Affordable Storage, it becomes quite clear that we’ve come a long way. In fact, since we first started, so many things have changed that we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at just how Affordable Storage got started, and maybe to also look forward to the future.

Affordable Storage Started from the Ground

To look at us now, it would be easy to assume that Affordable Storage has always been as huge and successful as we are today. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality, our owner, Michael Postar, started Affordable Storage from the ground up, and he put in a lot of work to make it what it is today.


Michael Postar started his career when he was in high school by mowing lawns. Impressively, he turned that into a company called Holiday Lighting, where he hung up Christmas lights and decorated houses for customers. By the time he was 22, he had grown the business to a size that required a place to store all his equipment. It was then that Postar thought up the idea for an upscale self-storage facility. Postar saw a need in Lubbock—not only for himself but for the community as a whole—and he acted on it, something we’re pretty proud of.

The First Location has a Cool, Humble History

Back before we had 10 locations across the Lubbock area, Affordable Storage had just one. And that first location has a pretty cool history. Michael Postar built it himself in 1997, making it his first self-storage facility. The storage facility was at 82nd & University in Lubbock, and it is now an A-Plus Super Storage, our sister company. Yes, from a humble start and just one self-storage building, Affordable Storage truly has come so far.


Affordable Storage Plans to Expand Self-Storage Locations

Obviously, Affordable Storage is all about helping our customers get the exact storage unit, small business shop, or moving help that they need. And part of helping our customers is making sure that there is an Affordable Storage location convenient to them and their needs. Because of that, Affordable Storage plans to continue expanding, and not just in Lubbock.


In fact, Michael Postar plans to build all over Texas, and Postar recently opened the first Affordable Storage in Hutto, Texas. We’re not going anywhere, and though we got a humble start, we’ve made some impressive strides over the years, all in the name of bringing the best service to our customers.


Because really, who knows what the future holds? We just know we’ll be here to store whatever you need in the meantime.

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